In addition to being the finest tool to manage your devices to save energy, WakeSMART is very proficient at waking devices to make sure that they are available for administrative purposes or users. WakeSMART can wake computers on a scheduled or ad-hoc basis.
Yes. The system uses end-to-end SSL encryption and password encryption so that passwords are never transmitted in clear text, and sensitive data is encrypted in the database.
No. WakeSMART averages less than .1 % CPU load.
Not in the same/sophisticated way that WakeSMART manages power. In addition to its capabilities for individual computers, WakeSMART gives an organization a unique dashboard to monitor and adjust settings to optimize savings.
WakeSMART typically reduces computer energy consumption on each device by at least 25%. This translates into about 60 kWh/year for portable devices and 100 kWh/year for desktop computers and their monitors. We encourage customers to perform an evaluation to get a better forecast of their savings potential.
Except for some forms of renewable energy, carbon is released to produce the electricity that we use. Examples would be in burning natural gas or coal to produce electricity. Also, carbon may be released to produce solar panels or wind turbines. The most cost-effective energy is the energy that ISN’T produced or used, but is saved by a solution like WakeSMART.
WakeSMART is able to control devices that have Windows, Mac and ChromeOS/Android operating systems. WakeSMART partners with BERT, as well, to control any device plugged-into a BERT AC (wall-current) plug such as vending machines, air conditioners, projectors, TVs, water coolers, and so many more. WakeSMART provides a central dashboard to easily measure, monitor and manage energy consumption from all of these end-points.
WakeSMART gathers data from each of the managed devices to determine the amount of time that they spend in each of their power-states. This data is sent to the server periodically where it is aggregated with the data from all of the managed devices. This actual behavior data forms the basis for WakeSMART’s robust reporting and alerts system.
WakeSMART can be purchased two ways – Subscription or Perpetual-use. Subscription customers pay annually for the use of WakeSMART and technical support. Perpetual-use customers pay a bit more up front but then own WakeSMART and a year of support. Subsequent years of support may be purchased later or upfront.
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